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Eymen Aktel (Istanbul, 1994), completed her first Bachelor's Degree in Communication Arts at Istanbul Culture University, worked as an art director in advertising and development agencies. In 2016, she started major in Sculpture at Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts. She uses richness of different materials and forms she has experienced in the field of sculpture on her paintings and performances. Currently, the artist continues creating artworks in Istanbul.

Aktel, searches the methods of activism and expands the limits with her motifs as a climate activist and artist. She traces the occupancy and vacancy rate on surfaces with her forms. While narrating the ecological crisis within the framework of cause, effect and struggle, she creates an ethnic language inspired by ancient compositions and colors.
As one of the Turkey founders of the Extinction Rebellion climate movement, which emergent in England, she took on the art coordinator of the movement in 2018. She discovers the power that transforms words into slogans and the ability of words to convey information in her performances. The bridge she built between different disciplines is reflected in her works with a primitive perspective.

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